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  • Product strip ratios 4.5:1 / 8:1 (BCM/T), high energy Galilee Basin thermal coal

  • Initial 60+ year mine life at 10 million product tonnes per year (scoping study)

  • Coal yields ~80% on initial 30 years of production, prior to optimisation

  • Pre-feasibility study for 15Mtpa production underway



The Hyde Park Coal Project has a JORC 2012 compliant Inferred / Indicated resource of 1.63Bt.


Coal quality results show that the Hyde Park Project coal is a high energy export thermal coal product.


Coal quality results show potential for a significant CHPP bypass portion of the resource dependant on product specifications.



The Hyde Park Coal Project is the closest Galilee Basin coal project to the Abbot Point Coal Terminal, and is favourably placed for road, water and electricity planned infrastructure for the Galilee Basin.


Resolve Coal has an existing MOU with Adani Mining providing 10Mtpa on a new rail and port development with strong alignment in timing.


Resolve Coal is also currently in discussions with Macmines Austasia (China Stone Project) on joint infrastructure planning.




Pre-feasibility study underway for 15Mtpa production.


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